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Live betting is one of the most action-packed types of sports betting overall. Why is it so? The short answer: it has a limited time and many specific features which fuel adrenalin in players.

The main feature is constantly changing odds while the event is going on. So, you can catch great winnings! Even if you didn’t win, you get a lot of intense emotions. And to be honest, that’s what we seek in betting and gaming (and in life in general) – satisfaction with saturated feelings.

Each sports event provides a lot of options to bet. What’s good about it? What’s wrong? We’ll research it in our article. You’ll learn about pros and cons, strategies, features, tools, and specifics. We also collected some tips to enhance your live betting.

Let’s dive in!

What is Live Betting?

The live betting term is related to stakes occurring after the match’s start and before the match’s end. So theoretically, players can see more while they watch the event and make better decisions. They know the broadcasting, players, and game changes, so they get more actual and helpful information.

Though, there’s a catch. The sportsbooks provide odds changing in real-time, and the digits change constantly, so you may not catch them (pun intended). That’s why players often experience a rush; they want to use an opportunity while the odds’ situation is actual. And the rush could bring a disaster to the decision-making process.

The players need to balance their emotions and intellect and train a swift reaction. If they do it right, then live bets can bring significant profits.

So yes, that kind of betting became famous thanks to significant profits and high-risk levels. Pandemic fears shifted a lot of betting to online, which means more bettors got chances to play live. So now, it’s a vast industry heavily promoted in many countries.

The live betting features

  1. It only happens while the event lasts.
  2. The industry started developing actively with the phones and Internet development progress, so it’s relatively new.
  3. It allows making a lot of bets on one event (which is impossible in pre-match).
  4. It can lead to problem betting faster than traditional practices because it gives even more rush to our bodies and minds.

Understanding It

That kind of betting proposes stakes at every moment in the game. For example, you can bet on the half-time score, the number of corners, the method of first killing (in eSports such as CS:GO or Dota 2), etc. Sometimes the amount of such markets seems to be infinite.

When bettors see odds changing, they can respond fast, adapting their strategies in real time. The trick is to control emotions so that decisions won’t be biased.

And also, the odds’ behavior might lead to scandals with match-fixing. Higher limits, flexible odds, and short windows improve the bookie’s life because the sportsbook can better mask illegal actions.

Live and Pre-match Betting

Pre-match betting can happen only before the event. When the game starts, you can’t make pre-match stakes. Moreover, you can’t change them while the event occurs. The only possibility to change a pre-match wager is to create a cashout, which can be part or whole. Cashout means you return your funds, partly or fully, before the event results.

The live bets have changing odds, so you can strategize them better, catching opportunities. The window is small, so you need to do it fast. Also, changing odds means your stakes can get unexpectedly high or low results.

Though, the live betting selection is usually not much. You can make such stakes on football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, and somewhat of 10 more sports. The array depends on your selected sportsbook. But pre-match betting is possible on 20 – 40 and various sports disciplines.

Best Live Betting Sites

How to select the best livebet app or site? Well, there are a lot of decent sites out on the wild internet; the question is to choose the best for you personally.

Though, we should always have a list of criteria for finding the best site for gaming:

  1. The selection of offers: kinds of sports and events array (tournaments, top and minor leagues, etc.)
  2. The choice of markets and specific extra bets.
  3. How fast and accurately do the odds update.
  4. Easy access to a live betting platform, which includes thoughtful navigation.
  5. Live streaming, real-time stats trackers, results, analytics, etc.

There are no 100% ideal betting apps, but we can find sites and programs close to an ideal.

The Selection of Offers

That criterion means that you see several sports disciplines on the menu. Top sportsbooks provide 50 kinds; small sites can give 15-20 types of sports. A classic list always has the most popular football (soccer), tennis, cricket, and basketball. Indian sportsbooks often add kabaddi as a must.

Should that list be the longest? Not always. It depends on your preferences.

The main criterion is that the site has that sport which you want. And you might want to make stakes on eSports Rainbow or CoD tournaments. OR, you might like darts events. Then, the best bookmaker will be the one who proposes good markets for these named sports.

If you got your fav sport, look at how many events there are. Some sites focus on top leagues, while others can provide even minor league betting. It’s seen with cricket or eSports events. Most Western sportsbooks offer the minimum in cricket, and Indian brands boast a massive number of cricket offers.

The Selection of Markets and Extra Bets

That criterion also could be excessive, but it can provide exciting decisions. The beginners and most experienced bettors have one feature in common – they prefer the most simple markets.

If you know the discipline considerably and search for new ways to profit, you can try extra bets (side, prop bets). It means a wager made about an event that doesn’t impact the match result directly. Examples:

So, these extra bets can help you earn more, thanks to higher odds. Though, they are usually riskier than traditional ones.

The Live Odds Updating

Why do live odds change? Sportsbooks react to sports events and players’ behavior, so they always will be in profit.

For example, Team 1 leads, and we can see it on the spread. After the 1st quarter of the match, the favorite goes down early, so the spread mirror that and shrinks in favor of Team 2. Favorites and underdogs can sometimes change places, depending on the field situation.

How accurately do live odds change? Well, it depends on the fairness of the betting site.

First, you might ask, how close are the probabilities implied by odds to the actual chances? In that case, accuracy isn’t a subject here. Sportsbooks make their lines so that the sum of the implied probabilities will be greater than one. Though the bookies don’t go too far from the actual probabilities, they would be too noticeable.

So, the best way to detect more or less accurate odds, we should compare odds on specific sites, which take digits from several sportsbooks and check them.

Easy Access to Live Betting Platform

That criterion means that a decent betting site has comfortable navigation. Its features:

  1. Users easily understand how to open the live section and how to make bets on it.
  2. A good design is easy to use; you see all features, events, and odds without struggle.
  3. Also, payment methods are as simple as possible.
  4. The site has a comprehensive Help or FAQ section.
  5. The platform has consistency, i.e., you find all links, sections, and buttons in stable places.
  6. The odds should have several settings formats – for example, European, American, Chinese, Malaysian, etc.

Other Features

Good sportsbooks can offer additional features, such as live streaming. It’s a money-consuming development, so not all bookies provide it. The live streaming shows sports events in real-time right on the betting platform. So you don’t need to switch between sites and pages, which is convenient.

You also can find trackers of statistics and scorecards in live betting apps to correct your strategies on the go. A big plus is that if a sportsbook provides statistics and a result base, you can enhance your knowledge and make a good decision.

What else can improve your experience:

Pros and Cons of Live Betting

Live betting has its good and bad points, like any tool.

The huge advantage is that you can get better odds than in pre-match. In most cases, you better do it live if you bet on a favorite. For example:

Though, if you prefer to bet on an underdog, it’s better to wager pre-match because live odds tend to shorten while the match keeps going.

Which benefits can you find in live betting?

What cons may you experience:

Let us also note that it can be disastrous for neurodivergent people (for example, with ADHD). The high adrenalin live betting may be a piece of cake for them because of their brain structure. But it can also worsen their condition because it might seem very few things safely propose the same level of emotions. So live betting may lead to a problem gambling.

The main recipe to confront it – remember that the game should be fun, nothing more. And that’s a lot of things on the Earth that can be as attractive as sports betting.

How to Bet on Live Matches?

The interest of any live betting app is in specific features and markets to play. For example, no pre-match line doesn’t offer a stake on “Next goalscorer” or “Goals to be scored in next half-time.”

When to use the live betting option:

Then you can open the live platform and wager. If time allows, it’s better to check stats for a game and a team (an athlete) because the information helps to make better decisions.

The live betting can be hedged in pre-match offers or other live stakes. That way, you get more chances of winning. For example, you made a pre-match on a favorite team but noticed it going down. So you can select a live bet with good odds to cover losses.

Live Betting Features

Live bet helps to enhance the gaming experience and raise the chances of winning. It’s all about luck. What tools (features) can you use to improve your luck and live betting results?

The most popular features are

Live stats are helpful when you don’t watch the event for some reason. Then stats trackers present a well-developed base to correct the strategy and which options to select during the event.

Which stats can you find there? It depends on the sports discipline. For example, a football tracker provides ball possession, shots on goal, corner kicks, dangerous attacks, etc. Cricket tracker provides batters and bowlers stats, current bowler, fours and sixes, overs amount, runs and wickets, etc.

These digits help to deduce the game, predict it, and make better decisions on your bets.

Sometimes you can find a virtual live feed. It’s like an animation that mirrors the actual event. It’s more visual than a stats tracker, showing the exact positions of players, arrows of attacks and ball trajectory, etc. With feeds, you can better predict crucial moments in matches.

The multi-live feature helps to track several events at once. It’s helpful when you make an accumulator bet with several outcomes and want to monitor all these events.

Cashout is an option that allows you to get money back, wholly or partly. That’s how it works:

  1. You bet on Team 1, but you see them performing poorly.
  2. Then you select a cashout option.
  3. That option calculates a sum based on current odds and returns it to your balance.

The amount depends on how close you are to winning. If the win is unlikely, then cashout is less than your stake. Yes, it can be a loss, but you save some of your money. Otherwise, you could lose the whole stake sum. But, if the win is highly likely, the cashout can be higher than your bet.

Note: sportsbook may have a list of sports where they allow cash out and where they don’t allow it. So check it in their T&C or betting rules.

Live Betting on Mobile

Mobile apps provide maximum convenience for live bets today. How to find the best apps for Android or iOS? Here’s the criteria list:

The wide selection of sports, events, markets, and odds is a plus for any bettor. You need to check if the app provides odds on sports you selected for betting. And also, the wide selection shouldn’t be the reason for lousy navigation.

So, ease of use is a must. The design must be clean and thoughtful. You should find with ease any option and page you need. Also, the best betting app works fast, helping to make any payments in a short amount of time. The ease of use also means that you can monitor the event, make wagers and satisfactorily watch results without problems.

Banking options mean the app provides several choices to make payments, from bank cards to PayPal and cryptocurrencies. So you can choose the system most suitable for you and make transactions accessible without any stutter. Check if the app has Indian payments such as UPI, NetBanking, Paytm, IMPS, RuPay, and Gpay. Also, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins could be a great addition.

Security means the best betting apps deploy multiple tech and programs to ensure the safety of clients’ data. Check if the operator has a license and RNG certification. Look if they practice 2-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and other features to safeguard their clients.

Betting odds are different in different mobile apps. So, we recommend comparing odds to select the most profitable sportsbook. The comparison helps to gain more profits and minimize losses.

Storage space is one of the vital parameters; the apps mustn’t take up too much space and memory. Primarily if you use a lot of programs daily, the “heavy” apps also spend your internet traffic and phone battery excessively. So check the storage requirements when selecting an app to install.

Bonuses can be a good enhancement for sports betting providing you free bets, cash, cashback, and other rewards. Though, always read T&C and Bonus policy to know the requirements you need to meet.

How to make live bets on mobiles

First, you register or authorize on the site or app of your choice. Next, you deposit cash through a chosen payment method.

You can take a bonus if you want. It could be a free bet, cash, stake insurance for new players, etc. Some require promo codes; read the bonus terms to learn about codes.

Then make a bet:

Some mobile sportsbook use geolocation (for example, you can find such in DraftKings). If the system finds that you have a location in a restricted state or country, you won’t be able to make bets. When selecting a sportsbook or betting app, check the list of restricted countries or states.

Tips for Live Betting

So, how to read live betting odds? How to find the most profitable and most likely outcomes?

Well, let’s take a look at a Winner bet. It’s the most popular and straightforward market in all sportsbooks. It can be as 2-way or 3-way – look at the screenshots below:

2-way odds example

3-way odds example

Let’s take 2-way odds in T10 European Cricket Championship as an example:

So, the Netherlands is the favorite here, and Denmark is an underdog. Imagine that Denmark started the game and got a 200+ score, a challenging score to beat. It’s five overs now, and we look at the odds. They are altered and might look like this:

So, the live bet made at this moment provides more potential profit on the Netherlands winner wager and a more likely outcome for a Denmark winner stake.

Other good options for live bets are totals\overs. They adjust while the game goes on; if you know the sports well, you can predict which total you see next.

Tips for live betting:

  1. Take the opportunities fast while they are actual.
  2. It can be a hedge for pre-match stakes.
  3. Watch the action closely to see the players and situation. Because sportsbooks use computer algorithms, you can see the human element and use it to beat a book.
  4. It can help to gain significantly on odds that you won’t consider in pre-match betting.
  5. However, it can also be hazardous because of fast temp and a huge adrenaline rush.
  6. Don’t place too many bets. Focus on 1-2 markets and bet only when you see the opportunity for them to happen and win. Also, making one stake is faster than making several stakes.
  7. Analyzing stats should be the weapon of your choice.

Basic live betting strategies

Possibly the best strategy is to make stakes on the favorite that had to follow the opponent at the start but has a great chance to win. The bookies give bad odds pre-match but change them while the match continues. So you can profit from it. Indeed, you need to monitor the game closely to use the moment.

If you follow live matches from beginning to end several times, you can catch patterns bookies employ to react to events on the field. So odds change specifically each time, and you can predict the next move, knowing these patterns.

You should determine the limit for odds that you agree to process before the action. That way, you minimize the possible drawbacks and excessive gambling.

Sometimes you can go against popular bets. For that, you need to know sports well. The logic is such: most bettors wager on teams that won in several last matches. Well, teams should be consistent, isn’t it? But in reality, teams often play like that: win-loss-win-loss, etc. If you watch a team closely during a prolonged period, you can see the pattern and correct your strategy. Sometimes, it may lead to “bets against the hive mind.”

You can build your strategies on corners and cards if you like football. The corners market requires getting a feel for the game and monitoring batches of matches. The card market requires knowledge of the referee’s behavior.

Overall, live betting can be a great way to spend time and gain money stably. Keep your head cool, and may luck be with you!